Future Friday…. or From the Bureau of Good Things

Well, let’s call today: Future Friday and use it to share some news.

By the way, it’s always a bit… I don’t know… yawn…. when writers and artists preface something with “so excited to say….” or some other derivative phrase. I get it. Sometime good fortune cast a great and mighty shadow over a person’s life, and it’s fun – cathartic even – to shout: YES! YES! GOOD GOD, THANK YOU!

I think it goes to the heart of this strange and very lonely world called the artist life. We struggle – mostly secretively – with doubt and fear and envy and pride and a whole dump truck of bad stuff that seemingly gets dumped into our lap on an hourly basis as we browse our Amazon Rankings, or surf the pages of Facebook Friends, Instagram, even that diesel and oil monstrosity called LinkedIn. Perhaps that is just a “being human” thing in general, but it sure is good when the dump truck of bad drives right by you, and another vehicle pulls up instead. It usually is inordinately small, tiny small, micro-transportation-clown car- small to the point where one wonders aloud: “Oh, good heavens. What new hell is this?”

But then you realize it did not come from the swamp you so frequently visit, but actually from The Bureau of Good Things. Out of the universe of endless, monotonous days, it’s not cancer or Lupus or death or maiming or God only knows what else – no, it’s a small telegram-like thing that proclaims – HOPE.

Gods of IMAGO will be released July 8th, 2023 STOP.

Your gothic thriller Blood Clan has been accepted for Publication for 2024 STOP.

Happy Future Friday to everyone looking for the clown car. And God’s speed to your little card.


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