The Collaborative Cover

Well, readers, I told you earlier I would keep you in the loop as the publication process unfolds. I am working with the nationally known artist David Sladek (Concept Artist for Blizzard Entertainment), and it is Christmas in September, baby! David has sent me the first mock up cover for Gods of IMAGO. Now this will go through multiple transformations as we collaborate over the next several months. These are first ideas, a beginning conversation that will last several months. We would call this draft one of ten. First steps would be to put the “U” on the end of my last name =)

For those of you who do not know the process, here it is. While the manuscript is sent to the editor for critique, the cover artist begins rendering sketches, and this is such a crucial element for SciFi and Fantasy novels. And here is something that many will not tell you. Every professional writer knows it is the cover that sells the book. An unprofessional cover, one that looks thrown together or put together by a layman… this can kill (rightly or wrongly) any chance of first time readers OR the first time reviewer to take that next step: actually opening the book and reading the first page.


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